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Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. a spokesperson says they are not sure of the person was a johns hopkins employee but says -- the comment made light of the family lost and does not represent the johns hopkins community. >> acting police commissioner anthony board still is sticking medical leave and will be out indefinitely. his absence is effective immediately. he took the reins of the force earlier this year following the retirement of his previous commissioner. his name was officially nominated at the city council meeting. a hearing has not yet been scheduled. it baltimore police spokesman said the department expects bart still to return after his recovery. the reason for medical leave has not yet been revealed. this is followed the retirement of jesse owden, and had a criminal investigation division. >> an officer was forced to issue a robbery suspect after a confrontation with a fellow officer. it unfolded around 4:30 in sw baltimore. it found a man who matched the description of the suspected robber neil -- robber neal yale ave. a struggle broke out. >> the suspect engaged one of the officers, they got into a physical c
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of the gamin debate is in the hands of the 9% of people who are undecided. john's hopkins political science professor explains how the partnership would benefit if it goes through. >> if questions 7 succeeds, then he cuts his losses in half. pen national will take half the loss. cortish is a developer. if he will continue to develop, he needs operating capital. he can sell half of it to pen national, he has capital. >> that deal would have to be approved by the maryland state lottery agency. pen national will have to sell its other christina. companies cannot have an ownership stake of more than 5% in more than one can see no -- than one casino. it the election were held today, but 1% said they would vote to keep the same-sex marriage law on the books. 6% remain undecided. mayor stephanie rawlings blake called the voters and urge them to support the same-sex marriage measure. she joined with volunteers at campaign headquarters. at long debated issue will appear as question no. 6 on the november ballot. >> more than 12,000 maryland jobs could be a dent in jeopardy at congressional leaders re
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the signs, a long term construction project is coming to charles street near john hopkins university. that project between 25th street up to university parkway will lead to road closures an detours for the next two years. >> the preconstruction phase is in full swing on charles street. detour signs are up. cones are out and students, especially are full of anticipation. >> if it does improve pedestrian safety it will be worth it. >> it will be better for people who live around here so it's less traffic. >> including pedestrian safety and traffic goals is the goal but city officials say it's also about beautification partially cutting down trees along charles street is a big part of phase one. >> we're setting um some things. the trees removed will be replaced. so we understand a lot of people are upset about the tree. but we want them to know that it will be replaced and there will be more trees. >> adrn yea barnes said the community had a lot of input on the wider design. the entire project will take two years and road closures and detours will come and go in phases. city officials
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
opened fire of unsuspecting victims. john allen mohammed and his young accomplice lee malvo kildee 10 and injured others. in a rare interview, lee malvo is talking about those days on the lawn and apologizing for its actions. >> i was a monster. if you look at the definition, that is what a monster is. i was a thief. i stole people's lives. that is the definition of a monster. >> lee malvo and mahamadou were vick -- were both convicted. he serves a life sentence without parole. >> two days before voters will hear the first presidential debate. >> both candidates are in preparation mode. new polls show the president and mitt romney are locked in a close contest. we are in washington with what is at stake. >> with the clock ticking toward the first face-off at the university of denver, both candidates are hunkering down. president obama and the presidentprep mill in vegas -- in debate prep mode in the. a weekend visit to church with mitt romney and a practice session with this debate team. >> there tried to be as real as possible. he has been wearing a suit and tie. the are trying to ge
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4